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Zoho Recruit Authorized Implementation Partner

Zoho Recruit is a cloud based applicant tracking system that’s built to provide diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, corporate HRs and temporary workforce. With our intuitive remote hiring software, make hiring effortless

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Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner in India
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Zoho Recruit software is a system that helps recruiter’s to automate their entire recruitment system. It has been the choice of top-performing recruiters in search of a recruiting CRM to streamline their hiring process, and manage candidates, clients, and contacts within a single interface

Candidate sourcing

Resume Management

Advanced Analytics

Workflow Management

Remote Recruitment

Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is the process through which we search for, identify, and connect with a potential candidate for a current job openings or for a future role. Zoho Recruit lets you reach the most talented individuals and stay updated on all the ways they apply for jobs. Enhance visibility for all your job openings by creating a custom careers page and extend your reach using popular job boards, direct sourcing, and social media

Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner

Resume Management

Resume management software helps recruiters to shortlist, engage, and hire the right candidate. Zoho Recruit lets you parse multiple resumes, transfer candidate information directly into the candidate/client database, and format CVs to best represent your brand.

Recruiters deal with hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. Zoho Recruit minimizes the time needed to complete this vast task into a couple of minutes.

Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner

Analyze every aspect of your business

With so much data to keep track of and less time than ever to analyse it, recruiters need solutions that will help them make informed business decisions. With Zoho Recruit’s Advanced Recruit Analytics powered by Zoho Analytics, back all your presentations with data trends, plan your next quarter and keep track of how teams perform

Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner

Automate processes, increase productivity

Automate your entire recruitment cycle using Zoho Recruit. Right from sourcing of candidates to managing their resumes and finally hiring them — save time on manual tasks by automating your workflows. And focus, on what needs your attention the most.

Use the already created email templates or customize new templates and create workflow alerts, that will automatically send email notifications when the workflow rule is triggered.

Zoho Recruit Implementation Partner

Remote hiring for recruiters

For businesses that are actively hiring, it’s now more important than ever to manage online candidate screening, interviews, offer letters, and client communication. Adapting to a virtual recruitment practice will maintain the continuity of your work. To help you transition to a remote recruitment process easier, we’ve curated a kit with all the essential resources below


Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Zoho Recruit

Applicant Tracking System helps you manage your end-to-end recruitment process from sourcing to hiring and helps automate your organization’s recruiting and staffing operations

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What Zoho Recruit offer

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system catering to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters. With complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, Zoho Recruit helps you source, track, and hire the best candidates, without any juggling required across different media. Recruiting software is a system that helps recruiter’s to automate their entire recruitment system


Why Choose Zoho Recruit for Your Business

Sourcing Techniques

Enhance the visibility of your job openings to find talent through Zoho Recruit’s candidate sourcing tools. Have your job postings found by millions of job seekers through Facebook jobs and Apply with LinkedIn. Post once. Publish everywhere. Extend your reach by posting your jobs to the best job boards to improve the quality of hires.

Zoho Recruit Authorized Implementation Partner
Zoho Recruit Authorized Implementation Partner

AI Assistance

From identifying talent to mapping behavioural assessments of candidates, our powerful artificial intelligence features can help you select the right talent. Match and associate the right candidates exponentially quicker with Zia. Get a list of candidates that are graded and ranked based on how much they match with the job requirements.

Assess and Evaluate

Every organization has their own way of assessing candidates. Use templates for consistent assessments and collaborate with your hiring team. Bridge the communication gap between you and your client. With Client Portal your clients can create new job openings, send feedback for candidates submitted for review and make interview decisions.

Zoho Recruit Authorized Implementation Partner
Zoho Recruit Authorized Implementation Partner

Candidate Experience

The current job market is 90% candidate driven. Leave lasting impression on candidates to join your organisation and keep them in the know. Bring candidates directly to your recruitment system and qualify suitable candidates. Candidates can apply to a specific job, submit information for future opportunities and track job status.


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